Are You Waiting For Permission?

A conversation with author and community catalyst, Teresa Funke

Episode Summary

Teresa Funke believes there’s an artist in everyone! Find out why as Meridith and Joseph have a very cool conversation about creativity and bursts of brilliance.

Episode Notes

Teresa Funke believes there’s an artist in everyone. She’s published seven inspiring books for adults and children based on true stories from World War II, including "Dancing in Combat Boots" and "War on a Sunday Morning." Her newest book, "Bursts of Brilliance for a Creative Life," takes readers in a new direction, encouraging them to ignite their creative spirits in order to bring better ideas into our world. It’s based on her popular blog of the same name. Teresa is a community catalyst, speaking widely and running programs that support history education, literacy, writing, the arts, and personal development.


Your hosts of Are You Waiting for Permission? are Meridith Grundei and Joseph Bennett. They're friends, co-hosts, actors, improvisers, and coaches. She lives in NYC and coaches actors, business professionals, and presenters to fully engage with their audience, and themselves. She also mentors young actors and directors. He lives in San Miguel de Allende, México, and  coaches artists and other creative beings about the beautiful business of art — and life. 

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