Are You Waiting For Permission?

A conversation with 'FIREBALL' Deena!

Episode Summary

Join us for a delightfully fun conversation with Deena Baikowitz! Deena combines comedy with coaching and will turn you into a networking star!

Episode Notes

Deena brings her signature fireball energy to every space and every audience. Her happy place is in a room full of people – both virtual and live. Whether your event is a zoom room, conference stage, crowded cocktail party, Clubhouse stage, or comedy club, Fireball Deena lights up every room and every audience.

Deena is inspiring, entertaining, and hilarious. She addresses critical career and business issues, provides sparks of advice with her direct, New York attitude, and creates lessons from her memorable life stories, with humor and heart.

You can find Deena HERE! 


Your hosts of Are You Waiting for Permission? are Meridith Grundei and Joseph Bennett. They're friends, co-hosts, actors, improvisers, and coaches. She lives in NYC and coaches actors, business professionals, and presenters to fully engage with their audience, and themselves. She also mentors young actors and directors. He lives in San Miguel de Allende, México, and coaches artists and other creative beings about the beautiful business of art — and life. 

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