Are You Waiting For Permission?

A conversation with solo performer, Diana Varco

Episode Summary

Diana Varco is a UCB/Groundlings trained improviser, storyteller and actress, and the playwright/performer of Shattered - a fast-paced, tragicomedy solo show that uses comedy and character work to create conversations on mental health and healing.

Episode Notes

Diana Varco is a UCB/Groundlings trained improviser, storyteller and actress using humor to heal. Her solo show Shattered uses comedy and character-work to explore mental health, the power of Shame, post-traumatic growth, and much more! Since its premiere in 2017, Shattered has graced many stages in LA, NYC (off-Broadway), and a recent 25 show run at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe. With over 10 years in comedy, Diana co-created and co-produced the variety show Ladies' Night - which ran over 5 years in Los Angeles - co-created the improv-based web series Riding Buddies and co-wrote the pilot MomCircle. For more information - visit or follow @dianavarco on IG!


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